hydrosomatic experiences

a body of water

Exhibition at the Naval Store 05 May - 08 May

︎hydro, greek for water
︎somatic, a bodily experience

Hydrosomatic is a play on words, combining ‘hydro’: water and ‘somatic’: bodily experience.
It is an explanation of the way our body interacts, connects and relates to water.

Ngala kaaditj Whadjuk Noongar moort keyen kaadak nidja boodja
We acknowledge Whadjuk Noongar people as the custodians of the land on which our work is located

curated by will ek uvelius

Janie Lou Green and Cas Doy
, Nina Juniper
, Regina Gunapranata ,
Montana Bourke
Duncan Wright , 
Joanna Filipowska Sonia Borkowicz Bori Mo & Vanessa Thuille ,
Sally Farrah & Louisa Peters
Viola Faye ,
Sofi Hellberg & Francesca Schoning,
Nina Lafferty,
Will Ek Uvelius,
Anna Lucinda Baxter

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Hydrosomatic* Experiences is a sublime, collective art research endeavour that delves into the intimate and personal relationships that exist between humanity and the element of water. It embodies a synergistic interplay of diverse mediums that engage with and touch upon the subject of water.

As a curator and artist, I am proud to present a bespoke international assembly of visionary artists whose works embody the manifestation of their personal and collective experiences with water. This exhibition, hosted at the Naval Store in Fremantle, represents a journey of introspection and contemplation, inviting the community to immerse themselves in the narratives that this project has woven.

The exhibition transcends the boundaries of traditional disciplines, embodying a harmonious coalescence of art, academia, research, design, and other knowledge systems. Through this project, I seek to explore and share my own and others’ experiences with water, with the broader community, and solicit their invaluable perspectives on this vital subject.

Water and wellbeing have been a topic close to my heart for a long time, and this exhibition provides a poetic platform to delve into and share these deeply personal connections.

Montana Bourke
‘We of Tranquility’

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Humans have intricate & dependant relationships with their natural environment, most particularly but subtlety, water. Water serves us ambiently as a driving life force for all living creatures on earth. The cassette with its analog nature is able to lay emphasis of the sounds with a sense of warmth and texture, bringing to life the raw, organic qualities of water. This medium, also ties into a time when our relationship with water was simpler & more pure as it was with cassettes.

04 Viola Faye